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Financing Structures

All capital provided by Ducimus is mortgage based financing (secured by real property).

1. Land Development: Ducimus provides capital to developers at an earlier stage in the project than traditional lenders (banks and credit unions). Typical use of the funds include land purchasing, site servicing, and working capital to bring the project through the required approval process prior to construction financing.

2. Construction Financing: Ducimus provides construction financing for residential development projects. Financing solutions can have multiple structures depending on the requirement of the Borrower.

3. Working Capital: Ducimus will provide capital to refinance borrowers that are currently financed by traditional lenders. These borrowers were previously in good standing, but due to explainable, temporary, or circumstances outside of their control, they no longer fit the traditional lending criteria. Ducimus’ flexibility on mortgage structures (i.e. capitalizing a portion or the entire interest requirement) will enable borrowers to replenish liquidity and cash flow to re-qualify for traditional financing.

4. Short Term Financing for Operating Companies: Ducimus provides financing to early stage operating companies who do not have a long enough track record of cash flow continuity that demonstrates debt service coverage levels that fall within traditional lenders’ financing criteria. Ducimus will finance these borrowers until they have demonstrated a sufficient track record of cash flow continuity to qualify for traditional lender refinancing.

5. Liquidity Bridge: Immediate capital requirements with a defined source of repayment for the loan in place (i.e. sale & purchase agreement or other imminent liquidity event).