FSRA license #13211   |   Nova Scotia License #2022-3000433
Ontario: 519-871-5744   |   Halifax: 902-493-4469

Ducimus Capital Inc. (“Ducimus”) is a leading private capital lender for the commercial and agriculture marketplace. We specialize in providing custom interim mortgage financing solutions for clientele in Ontario and Nova Scotia.

Ducimus was founded in 2018 by a team of financial professionals with decades of combined financial lending experience. Since it’s inception, we have already helped a significant number of businesses access financing to build and grow thriving operations.

The businesses we assist have found themselves temporarily unable to access traditional financial resources due to circumstances beyond their control. This is where we can help. We lead borrowers by providing capital to bridge difficult financial gaps or at a slightly earlier stage than traditional lenders (Banks and Credit Unions) in order to help them secure a prosperous future for their businesses.

Ducimus is a wholly owned subsidiary of IMP Group International Inc . - a company focused on global sustainable growth. IMP Group International Inc. has over 3500 experienced professionals delivering high quality service, and value to customers across diverse sectors such as aerospace and defence, aviation, information services, healthcare, properties, cannabis, and private capital. This competitive structure provides Ducimus Capital Inc with an unmatched array of resources to ensure we can provide our clients with the highest service levels and financial lending options possible.

Let our experienced team lead the way.